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  • Varco Heat Treating Company
    Varco Heat Treating Company
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    About Us
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    About Us
    Varco Heat Treating Company
    Varco Heat Treating Company
    Division of Diversified Metallurgical Services, Inc.

    Orange County's Largest Heat Treating Company
    It can be a simple brake drum for an earth mover, or an intricate exotic metal fastener for the space shuttle. It can be a 4 ton, one-off casting, or thousands of tiny parts. If it has to be heat treated, it has to be right. That's why Varco Heat Treating Company is in business.

    90 Years of Quality
    Varco, founded in 1908, was the first commercial heat treater in Southern California. Today, as a division of Diversified Metallurgical Services, Inc., Varco is equipped to provide operating temperatures from 2150 degrees to -325 degrees Fahrenheit. Our equipment, operating procedures and inspection procedures have been certified by most aerospace manufacturers and Nadcap.

    Laboratory Services
    Varco's in-house metallurgical laboratory is equipped to perform exacting analyses including:
    • Microhardness Surveys
    • Case Depth Determinations
    • Metallographic Examinations
    • Failure Analysis
    For the past 90 years Varco's motto has been "There is no substitute for Quality." And, while we continue to pursue business competitively, we see no reason to change. There is still no substitute for Quality.

    Vacuum Heat Treating
    48 x 72 inch capacity Abar/Ipsen bottom loading furnace. Our vacuum treating is ideal for stainless steel and exotic metals.

    Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces
    Oxygen probes control our batch-type protective atmosphere equipment for guaranteed results when normalizing, annealing, carburizing, carbonitriding, hardening, tempering and performing carbon restoration. To control distortion, we can vertically support up to 18 inches.

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    Varco Heat Treating Company
    12101 Industry Street
    Garden Grove, CA 92841
    714-895-1155 / 714-891-2755 Fax