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  • Vacuum Heat Treating
  • Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces
  • Open Fire Furnaces
  • Cryogenics
  • Nitro Carburizing
  • Laboratory Services
  • Metallurgical Consulting
  • NADCAP Accredited
  • ISO 9002 Compliant


Open Fire Furnaces

Varco's box-type open fire furnaces are capable of treating parts as large as 13 feet long by 8 feet deep by 7 feet high. Single piece weights of over 10,000 lbs. can be accommodated. Furnace loads of over 60,000 lbs. are common for Varco.


Our Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Cabinet has an operating range to -325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nitro Carburizing

Nitempering, or Kool-Kase, provides the advantage of improved surface hardness, sliding wear and enhanced fatigue properties with low distortion.


Specialty Services and Affiliate Companies

Varcut Metal Cutting Services - Bar stock cutting up to 16" OD.

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Varco Heat Treating Company
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             Varco Customer Satisfaction Survey:





Varco Customer Satisfaction Survey:


Varco Heat Treating


Quality Policy



Varco Heat Treating and its employees are committed to meeting

customer and legal requirements in order to achieve customer

satisfaction. We will always strive to provide quality products on

time and continually improve our Quality Management System.


Product Quality to Customer ≥ 98%

On-Time-Delivery 75% turnaround within 5 days

Customer Satisfaction Average ≥ 3.5 Stars


Rework less than 5%

Purchasing: Supplier’s OTD 85% turnaround with 7 days.

Supplier’s Quality >90%

Order Receipt to Entry within 48 Hours ≥ 95%


To provide exceptional quality services and support to customers along with

exceptional learning and financial opportunities for Varco employees.


Ethics - We exercise our duties with honesty and integrity at all times.

Teamwork - We respect and support each other, without blame, to create a

stronger and better performing team.

Customer Service - We respond to every customer quickly, thoroughly,

professionally and with courtesy.




Varco Heat Treating

Product/Service Purchased Quality Code

Raw Material QC01, QC02, QC04, QC05, QC06, QC07, QC15, QC17, QC20, QC21, QC22, QC23, QC24, QC25, QC26, QC27

Hardware & Other


QC01, QC02, QC04, QC05, QC06, QC07, QC09, QC15, QC16, QC17, QC21, QC22, QC23, QC24, QC25,

QC26, QC27, QC28

Special Processes

(e.g. Heat Treat,

Plating, Welding)

QC01, QC02, QC03, QC05, QC06, QC07, QC10, QC11, QC15, QC17, QC21, QC22, QC24, QC25, QC26, QC27

Calibration &

Other Outside


QC01, QC02, QC05, QC06, QC07, QC08, QC09, QC10, QC12, QC14, QC15, QC16, QC17, QC19, QC21,

QC22, QC24, QC25, QC26, QC27

Quality Code Title Requirement

QC01 Quality System

Supplier shall establish and maintain a Quality System acceptable to

Varco Heat Treating, for the goods and/or services purchased under this

purchase order. As a minimum, the supplier's Quality System must meet

the requirements of ISO9001 or better.

QC02 AS9100 Compliant

The supplier is required to maintain a Quality System in compliance to

AS9100. If facility is not certified to AS9100, buyer reserves the right to

conduct surveillance at supplier's facility to make final determination that

Supplier's Quality System meets the requirements, and/or supplier will

be required to complete a Supplier Survey Questionnaire.

QC03 NADCAP Approval Special processing NADCAP approval is required. The special process

requirements will be listed on the actual purchase order.

QC04 Supplier Furnished Material

Supplier shall submit Chemical and Physical test reports in accordance

with the latest material specifications and revision. Distributors must

provide a certification verifying the materials traceability to the Mill test

reports when supplied.

QC05 Sub-Contractor Flow Down

Supplier is required to flow down the requirements of this purchase

order, including terms and conditions to the Supplier's subcontractors.

Flow down of key characteristics is required when specified on the face of

purchase order.

QC06 Record Retention and Disposition

As a minimum, the Supplier is to retain records for at least 10 years from

the date of shipment under each applicable order for all products/part

numbers unless otherwise specified in the order. In special

circumstances, the purchase order will identify the actual required

number of years that the records should be maintained. After the

minimum retention period is achieved, suppliers may disposition the

records as archive or destroy at their discretion.


Measuring &

Test Equipment

The Supplier's equipment shall be calibrated in accordance with

ANSI/NCLSL Z540-1 or ISO 10012-1 and traceable to NIST.

QC08 Varco Heat Treating Furnished


Supplier is to return all furnished property to Varco Heat Treating at the

completion of the purchase order. Furnished property may include but

not be limited to the following: drawings, mylars, process specification,

tooling, fixtures, and excess raw material.

QC09 Parts Identification The Supplier is to identify parts in accordance with purchase order


QC10 Nonconformance/Corrective Action

The Supplier is to notify Varco Heat Treating of any Nonconformance

prior to shipping product and obtain approval for disposition of any

nonconforming product. In addition, the Supplier will maintain a system

of handling non-conformances and corrective actions.

QC11 Special Processing Approval

The Supplier is to perform a special process on this purchase order.

Special processing may include one of the following processes: heattreating,

stress relieving or Nondestructive testing. Varco Heat Treating

shall identify the specific process specification and the end user on the

purchase order. The Supplier should maintain its special process approval

with the end user. If the Supplier is not currently approved for the

specified process, it is the Supplier's responsibility to notify Varco Heat

Treating immediately.


QC12 Dimensional Inspection Report The Supplier is to document an actual dimensional inspection report and

submit it to Varco Heat Treating at the completion of the purchase order.


Calibration Vendor

The calibration vendor shall be accredited to ISO17025. All measuring

and test equipment shall be calibrated in accordance with ANSI/NCLSL

Z540-1 or ISO 10012-1 and traceable to NIST.

QC15 Packaging Protection

Supplier to package parts in a manner that will protect parts from any

kind of damage. No metal to metal contact is ever allowed. In special

circumstances, the purchase order may specify the manner the parts are

to be packaged.

QC16 Part Number Serialization All parts should have unique serial numbers assigned. Supplier is to

maintain tractability throughout the production stage.

QC17 Certificate of Conformance

A certification is required, stating that all of the products or services

meet the contractual or purchase order requirements. The certificate

must list the part number and all of the applicable process specifications,

including up to date revision levels.

QC19 Key Characteristics Data Required

This purchase order deals with the drawing that identifies key

characteristics. Both the Supplier and Varco Heat Treating should have

established a control plan prior to the placement of this purchase order.


Items procured under this purchase order must be compliant with DFAR


QC21 Right of Entry

Varco Heat Treating, our customers, and/or any applicable regulatory

authority reserve the right to access the supplier’s applicable areas of all

facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all

applicable records. Reason for access may include inspection of the item

on order, status of the item, or reviewing quality records pertaining to

the purchase order in question.

QC22 QMS Awareness

Vendors Personnel must be made aware of:

• their contribution to product or service conformity;

• their contribution to product safety;

• the importance of ethical behavior.

QC23 Counterfeit Prevention Vendor must have a process in place to detect and prevent the use of

counterfeit parts/materials.

QC24 Control & Monitoring Requirements

Vendor must maintain a Quality Level ≥90% and an OTD level ≥85%. If

levels drop below target, supplier will be notified and may be placed on

conditional status or disapproved if not corrected

QC25 Change Notification

Supplier is to notify Varco Heat Treating of changes in product and/or

process, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location

and, where required, obtain organization approval.

QC26 Acceptance Authority Media

Media such as inspection stamps and electronic signatures used for

product acceptance/inspection must be controlled and traceable to the

personnel they are issued to.

QC27 Verification on Supplier’s Premises

Verification of product on supplier premises by Varco Heat Treating or its

customers, does not remove the obligation to provide conforming

products and shall not be used as the organizations evidence of


QC28 Shelf Life Materials

The supplier provides the manufacturing date, shelf life, and expiration

date for all limited shelf life items under this order. All items will have

75% or more of their shelf life remaining at the time of shipment to

Varco Heat Treating. All items are packaged, labeled and transported per

their applicable regulatory requirements.